Wicked Art: Handmade Painting Easel!




While shopping for canvases at the shops a few days ago I came across a cheap easel that was on sale in the store, and I was fairly interested in getting one because I’m used to just resting my painting against a chair etc and it’s not that fun when it slips all over the floor and drops down! But with little money I didn’t really have the choice to get it but my dad had an idea to create one for me.

He spent the next 2 days creating this easel for me from recycled wood, shoe lace and a hinge laying around to build it! He followed a tutorial of Youtube (I’m not sure which one, but if anyone is interested I can hunt it down for you) and it came out rather pleasing!

I love how it has the hole-peg function, so much more simpler than standard easels and less parts required. The wood is also very strong and solid, much stronger than the thin standard easels at the shop. And since the wood was free of cost, and tools lying around, all in all this easel makes for a much better one than I could ever buy from the shop, especially considering how expensive they can be!

So my first painting project I’ve begun while using the easel is this colourful blue & purple wolf on a cream background. You may be wondering why on earth I chose a cream background for such a theme and it was because I initially was going to paint a sakura (aka Cherry blossom) tree on the canvas, but I lost my inspiration for it and ditched the idea.
Besides the tree & flowers, I had an idea that I wanted to paint animals in bright colourful schemes. So I just kind of went ahead with it on this canvas…I mean, I did try to choose colours that compliment the warm cream tone, with warm purple and mixing the purple with the blue. I think I like it, I’m glad I tried it anyway.

Here’s a WIP:


Any other artists trying new ideas lately, and if so, what are they? 🙂


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