Wicked Photography: Rooftop street fashion-inspired shoot


Always wanted to try out something more street fashion-urban portrait look, highly inspired mainly by seeing street fashion photographs on tumblr and I just love the focus. I usually do portraits that work with nature more often, so it was really nice for a change and experiment!
With some help from friends I found this great roof top location, situated next to the WTC on Flinders Street in the CBD just a short tram ride from Flinders St Station.

The car park was very convenient, with a lift straight to the top and car park basically completely empty. The views were only slightly constricted, since there were buildings surrounding, but there was a great general view from the front side. It also turned out to be a really sunny day which is a rare sight this season, it was lovely but not really best for shoot conditions! ^^;
That said, a few of the photos came out quite washed out in brightness, though I still find some appeal in them. Luckily there were areas with shade (or I used reflector for shade) to grab a few more contrasted shots.

For the editing process I mainly used my curves that I have installed from various curve packs from deviantart, with adjustments on selective colour and saturation. I loved going with this warm but kind of fresh look with slight pale mint green coming through. I also had a lot of fun with using pinks and reds, since I normally don’t have a chance to go there.
Slight edits to the skin, eyebrow shape/stray eyebrow hairs and manual darkening of her eyeliner with the Burn tool for the more sharp contrasted look without having to blow out the whole photo in contrast.

Karlie is new to modelling but with some direction she came out to be an absolutely amazing subject for me to shoot. I’m in love with her current hair cut and she’s just completely beautiful in general with a really cool overall style. Really pleased with how many of the shots from this shoot turned out editable and presentable. Hope you enjoy them!

If you’d like to see more from me or from this shoot please feel free to head over to my FB page HERE! 🙂


If you’d like to see more from me or from this shoot please feel free to head over to my FB page HERE! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wicked Photography: Rooftop street fashion-inspired shoot

  1. Nice to meet you, Georgina Rose’s.
    Thank you Blog follow!

    It has to comment on using the automatic translation.
    I do not use only Japanese.

    I can determine in sensitivity photos.
    The line of sight is inspiring!

    Good light to the lady so that you insert (^ – ^) b

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