Learning about the Tarot & Daily readings

Hi everyone!

Just a topic a little different today, but thought I’d share since I’ve been quite consistently interested in this for a few weeks now.

Recently my mum gave me her old tarot card decks & tarot books, and I decided to give it a shot and learn.


I’ve been fairly interested in tarot readings / astrology / crystals etc all of my life since I grew up with both of my parents (more so my mum) interested in them. My mum used to do readings often when I was a lot younger, and I always used to beg her to give me readings because I thought it was so cool. *laughs*

I gave the tarot books she gave me a good read first off. They give a lot of insight into what and why and how the cards are used and also how to give a good reading to someone, different spreads and their purposes, and the information on each card.

To me, I feel like tarot cards are very similar to using a pendulum, in the way that the ‘secret power’ to guide the cards/pendulums answers is merely the projection of your own energy. In that I mean, I think the energy to drive them is no outside force/magic, that the power source is simply you and through holding them the energy connects and flows into it. As well as personally handling them often, which makes them accustomed to your energy anyway.

Anyway, I’ve been practising doing horseshoe spreads a little for readings with my mum, a friend and myself. They worked out really well and the cards gave appropriate answers to the questions so I felt like the readings went pretty well. More often these past few weeks I’ve just been going with daily readings for myself, which is a 3 card draw of just Morning, Afternoon, Night.



I’ve found that daily readings in this simple spread has been very beneficial and works quite well for me. I haven’t had a daily spread yet that didn’t exactly describe how I’ve been feeling. They’ve all been so accurate. I’ve also been getting a lot of the same cards which is highly curious to me.. but it makes sense in the way that they basically describe how I’ve been feeling in general lately, not just for the one day. But it’s still pretty cool.

I’ve taken a few pictures of my daily readings and their descriptions as from the book as examples for those who aren’t familiar with tarot readings. I thought some of you might find it interesting, or inspire you to learn tarot for yourself! 🙂





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