Moving out, furniture & plants | Life Update

I’ve slacked a bit on updating here, been a bit busy on my end! Just started getting comfortable with my work process since I joined a job agency and also started getting some casual work with a childcare centre I worked at last year. It’s been quite hectic and on top of it I actually changed the place I was moving out into, to a different place and slowly dragging my stuff over to there. 
Also got quite sick from work (it’s winter so no surprise everyone’s got the cold here) and really just either been working or sleeping, but since I had the day off today I thought I’d try to squeeze in some computer time between my sleeping to write a post! 

My favourite thing about moving out so far has been the furnishing part! 
Even though I only really get my room (and like the balcony since I’d be the only one to use it) to furnish, I’m still excited and planning to make it a really nice environment that I love coming home to.

Since my bedroom is only small, I’ve been looking at all the loft beds I can find. I’m planning on having a desk underneath and bookshelf, some comfy chair and then another shelf on the other side of the room with my TV. The colour scheme I’m going for is black with pastel accessories (lamps, paintings, lights etc) which I think would look nice since black furniture is really clean looking and the pop of colour would really stand out and keep it fresh. ^^

Been a little obsessed with wall decorations like pocket hangers, picture frames, bells, lights & paintings! Always checking every online site for these stuff, I love quirky designs and miss-matched styles. If anyone has any good suggestions or links for a store that has things like this, please let me know !!! 🙂

As for the balcony, I’ve already gotten a few things from clearance sales!
I got this cute mini greenhouse, some herb plants, strawberry plant & lovely little pots!
Here’s a pic of the set, haven’t had time to fix them up properly yet but thought I’d show ’em off anyway.


Greenhouse – $20 AUD from Ikea (au)
Mint, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme – $3 ea. from Bunnings
Red Gauntlet Strawberries – $4 from Bunnings
Pots – $2.50-3 ea. from a Bargain shop 

And from the clearance section in Harvey Norman I found these colourful rocket chairs that are usually $40 AUD ea. but since these ones had a few scratches were only $12 ea. !!!! *___*
I thought they would be cute stools for sitting on while painting, or out on the balcony. I was thinking I might paint the darker yellow one blue or purple or something different, not sure yet!


I was thinking it might be good to vlog my moving out for the first time process but not sure since such a tiring process lugging everything over so maybe when I’m done moving in I’ll do a room tour or something? Anyway, that’s all for today, I hope everybody has been great and be sure to let me know any ideas or cute decorative DIY’s you’ve seen, that would be awesome!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ll be sure to update more regularly soon. Have a great day! ❤ 


3 thoughts on “Moving out, furniture & plants | Life Update

    • It really is fun! I’m actually getting a little obsessed with it haha. Oh good luck! Hmm, well for one I love wall shelves since it gives so much more floor space and look really good when decorated with books etc! Also bed frames that include inbuilt drawers underneath for storage 🙂

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