It’s been a while

I’m almost 22 years old. Have I begun? I’m not certain. All I do is read conspiracy theories and water my instagram seeds. I’m trying to make a mark, here and there, where I can, for what’s important. What is important? I feel like my mind has expanded beyond what I could have ever imagined. […]


I am not even going to attempt poetry right now since Ive had an awful time trying to express myself lately. I havent really been feeling myself, or doing things I usually enjoy. I think I had anxiety attacks or asthma attacks recently. They really hurt my chest, and like usual a part of me […]


I know I wouldn’t be the only one who feels like they’re going through a midlife crisis even though I’m only at 19..I mean it’s safe to assume I might even have a fair few midlife crisises from now until I’m old old..but yeah regardless it’s not a really pleasant feeling and it makes you […]

My fluffy loves.

  I had a dream last night about my recently deceased cat, Misty, whom I had for 8 years, and it was hard. It was hard to wake up from a dream that felt so real, and like she was so close. In the dream she was in another yard, with a male cat (that […]

I made a blog! Finally, I know. I’ve been meaning to for the longest time but never even got to the initial stage of deciding on a site. My good friend, Tara, has a lovely blog on here, so it must be alright! Anyway, I’m here to do some writing. I used to write all the […]